About Us

The MMA Plug is the top combat sports outlet in Colorado. The Centennial State is home to some of the best professional fighters in the world, and the MMA Plug is here to provide the people with all-inclusive coverage of the local and national fight scenes. The MMA Plug will have exclusive one-on-one interviews with local fighters, informative videos, local event coverage and more to ensure that MMA fans are educated about what’s happening around town and across the globe. Casual fight fans would be surprised to find out how many fighters in the UFC are from Colorado, or have spent some time training at one of the various gyms in the state. The MMA Plug will peel back the curtain of the local fight scene, and cover it in a way that has never been done before.

While the MMA Plug is dedicated to covering the local scene, we also provide commentary regarding the National fight game as well. From a Conor McGregor fight to a UFC event on ESPN+ the MMA Plug will always be locked in with what is going on in the world of combat sports with articles, videos and sweepstakes.

Most importantly, the MMA Plug is a community where MMA fans of kinds can come together and exchange their passion for MMA. Our events will allow for in-person gatherings during pay-per-view events at some of the premier establishments in Colorado where fans can interact to enhance the fight night experience. Additionally, the MMA Plug will have various giveaways where fans all across Colorado will have a chance to win memorabilia from some of the best fighters in the world.

The MMA Plug is the one-stop-shop for all things combat sports in Colorado. Whether you have been to massive events in Las Vegas or never watched an MMA fight in your life, the MMA Plug is a place where MMA fans of all kinds can get their fix.

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